Festivals bring people together in celebration of a shared, culturally significant interest. Our participatory audiovisual & creative arts festivals for ocean-human health tour public schools in small-scale fishing villages, engaging students and teachers as storytellers, citizen scientists, and stewards of their seas and communities' sustainable futures. Our multidisciplinary team spends one week per location facilitating photography, photojournalism, stop-motion animation, mural, filmmaking, and novel educational entertainment or edutainment workshops using new media, ArcGIS StoryMaps, and virtual reality (VR) that foster digital literacy, geospatial knowledge, resilience-thinking, and a natural-cultural heritage approach to conservation

Through partnerships with experts, organizations, and institutions committed to promoting well-being and sustainability for small-scale fishing villages at the nexus of ocean conservation and human rights. Students learn from and share their ideas with marine biologists, Nat Geo Explorers, professional photojournalists, and conservation researchers as part of virtual workshops.



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