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Check out our 2023 internship opportunities to see what we offer. 


Are you looking for an incredible educational and professional opportunity? One that will build your resume while also having a positive social-environmental impact? Keep reading to discover how you can participate! We offer in-person opportunities in Peru and remote internships from the comfort of your home!  


Coast 2 Coast is looking for passionate individuals to join us in our mission to inspire rural youth from small-scale fishing communities to be resilient storytellers, researchers, and social-ecological activists. 


As a Coast 2 Coast intern, you will be surrounded by experienced industry professionals in audiovisual, non-profit, and social/environmental activism. You will connect with people from around the world, partake in practical workshops, receive one-on-one mentorship, and create a tangible impact within our organization and the phenomenal communities we work with. 


Remote internship roles require 10-15 hours a week for at least two months. We are accepting applications on a rolling basis.


In-person internship opportunities will take place in June 2023 and October 2023.

What’s Included?



As a part of both the in-person and the remote experience, we offer interactive, skill-building seminars led by our highly qualified and experienced staff members. Throughout your time with C2C, various team members will give presentations on a specific topic relevant to our mission. All seminars will also include time for open discussion, questions, and ideation. The purpose of these learning sessions is to provide interns with real-world advice, knowledge, and direction from industry professionals. Included in the program fee is access to the seminars during your internship and future seminars hosted by C2C!

Seminars will cover topics such as: 

  • Community-based research 

  • Marine Conservation Projects

  • Audiovisual and social development

  • Documentary and photography

  • The convergence of art and science

  • Sustainable Marine resources management 

  • Artistic community projects and Interactive social projects 

  • Curriculum development 

  • Collaboration between government and non-governmental organizations

What past volunteers say...


"My name is Tatiana, and I'm from Argentina. My time volunteering for Coast 2 Coast back in 2019 gave me a great opportunity to work closely with a group of diverse and passionate people, but not only also with the community, the Fishermans, and the kids in the town. 

The range of volunteers and directors that were in Lobitos for Festival Somos Mar brought unique skillsets and perspectives to the projects that we were working on and created a fun and empathetic working environment. 

Besides the amazing work Coast 2 Coast did that year and does every day, I found the people and Lobitos itself to be welcoming and enchanting, which has made it one of my favorite places I’ve visited in Perú, and I'll be always grateful to Emi and Nico for that amazing experience."

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