We are because the ocean is. Healthy seas mean healthy humans. In the spirit of citizen science, Festival Somos Mar sparks a dialogue over issues fisher communities face such as food insecurity, pollution and corruption in an effort to establish marine reserves and conservation policy. 



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DATES: February through May 2019

LOCATION: Northern Peru, Humboldt Current


Our inaugural participatory media arts festival for ocean health and community wellbeing toured five local school in historically marginalized fishing villages along Peru’s northern coast where 70% of the country’s marine biodiversity is located and the largest concentration of oil exploitation operations. Our multidisciplinary team will facilitate audiovisual workshops, teacher trainings, and an ocean wealth community mapping initiative to establish a dialogue and information exchanges. Our immediate goal is to engage local youth in a playful way that genuinely fosters self-trust, cultural values, and marine stewardship for their coastal communities' sustainable futures.

PARTNERS: Students Rebuild, a program of the Bezos Family Foundation, Ocean Collectiv, Lobitos Cinema Project.