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Our photography classes in the small fishing village, Bido, took students outside the classroom and into their communities and nature. The workshops addressed the interdependent links between our health, our communities, and the planet. Students learned how to use a digital camera for the first time in their lives. They documented daily life and closely examined the biodiversity in their backyards. 


Together with our local partner, a Liquid Future, our Action Communication Program in Morotai, Indonesia made ample strides. Learning a new language - spoken or visual - is power stuff. It changes perceptions of reality and lends itself well to self-discovery. Through our combination of English language, audiovisual storytelling, and creative arts classes, local youth began expressing themselves - through language and images - with greater confidence and awareness. We strive to provide students with an alternative style of education that champions each one's unique abilities and creative approach. Our program in Morotai strived to enabled students with tools to be the superheroes in their own life story and for their island.

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