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Interested in working with us remotely? We are seeking passionate, organized, and collaborative individuals to join our team!   

We offer a high-quality internship experience that is designed for people who are excited to be involved with our organization and will work to carry out the C2C mission. We are a close-knit team made up of highly qualified individuals spanning various professions and are searching for well-rounded, eager interns who are interested in taking initiative. We would appreciate applicants who have experience in the roles listed below. However, we work to create a learning environment; thus, positions are not strictly limited to experienced individuals. Begin work with us as early as June 1st!   

content creator 2.JPG


  • Creative initiation on social media content creation reels, TikTok, photos, live) 

  • Aid in the development of an overarching C2C media plan.

  • Practice with the “tendencias” and create positive content. 

  • Video, photography, editing, after-effects, post-production, animation, and design. 

  • Participate in Coast 2 Coast skill-building workshops.

web designer.jpeg


  • Work on website design and development.

  • Take creative initiative on website structure and content placement. 

  • Utilize Google Analytics to increase web presence.

  • Manipulate Wix to further website construction.

  • Participate in Coast 2 Coast skill-building workshops

grant writter.JPG


  • Research and scan various grant tracking systems for applicable grants.

  • Aid in completing grant applications, writing grants, and communicating with grant officers.

  • Organize and gather internal Coast 2 Coast documents relevant to grant applications.

  • Participate in Coast 2 Coast skill-building workshops.

As a first step on your journey to intern remotely with Coast 2 Coast please fill out the application for this program. There will be an interview process following the submission of your application as a way for us to start to get to know you and ensure this opportunity is right for you! 


Please feel free to include any questions in the application or reach out to us by email. 


Apply now for an epic internship experience! 

program fees

A two-month enriching internship experience with Coast 2 Coast costs 350 USD. Fees are payable to Paypal. Fees must be paid, at the latest, one week before the start of the program. Please contact us with any questions about program fees and payment.


Included with your fee: 


  • Coast 2 Coast swag

  • Access to our unique seminar series 

  • One-on-one mentorship with Coast 2 Coast team members

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