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In partnership with Trivandrum Social Service Society and Calcuta Ondoan ONGD, students from small-scale fishing communities in Southern India participated in a short documentary and photovoice series daylighting an environmental issue that affects their families. The students decided to cover a magnesium factory for sunscreens and cosmetics that pumps its toxic titanium waste directly into the sea. The waste water runs through one particular fishing village but the consequences impact neighboring communities up and down the coast. When titanium mixes with the salt water, it becomes acidic, decimating local fish stocks the communities rely direct on for their livelihoods and main source of protein. The lack of oxygen and predators in water causes a spike in jellyfish populations. Fisherman can no longer fish and the local people are fighting respiratory conditions. Students on the photo team took pictures and interviewed local community members. Back in the classroom, the team edited their photos and wrote captions for their article. 

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