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The Last Straw

"Did you know that the average person uses one plastic drinking straw for a total of 20 minutes? The same plastic straw takes 200 years to decompose."


That seems a little wasteful, wouldn't you say?

Millions of plastic straws pollute our ocean where endangered animals like sea turtles can choke on them. The average American eats out four times a week and almost everyone gets a straw (or two). If we get 25,000 people to skip the straw at restaurants every time, we can keep 5 million plastic straws out of our ocean and landfills in just one year.


In partnership with the Ocean Conservancy, we challenge you to take the Last Straw Challenge:


When eating out, ask your waiter or waitress to skip the straw.

Or better yet… 


Remember the plastic bag? In some cities, a person must request a plastic bags and its charged a few cents for using one. The new law made people stop and ask themselves, do I really need one?


What if the same thing could happen with plastic straws?


Ask your favorite to cafe if they would be willing to hold the straw and charge customers who specifically request one. The restaurant saves on resources and might earn a few extra cents from the stubborn customer. 

Download Supporting Materials:
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